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When you register for services, we collect certain personal information.  We use cookies and other
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Uses of Information
We use this information in order to provide the services you request.  Under certain circumstances, this
may include the display of personal information (such as name, skillset analysis and performance

We use the information to obtain feedback responses, issue periodic notifications and other
informational communications, such as online newsletters.

We do not sell, rent, or lease our contact information to any third parties.
You can opt-out of specific services by stating so on using our request form.  You can select the type
of communications you receive from our site by following the instructions on your personalized home
page under the Preferences link.  This includes items such as subscription to periodic newsletters or
general communications.

You can view or change your personal profile by following the instructions on your personalized home
page under the My Info link.
For more information about our privacy practices, please contact us using our request form.

Summary - May 7, 2006
Use of this site and Business Solutions Direct services through its affiliated web sites is
restricted to registered members only.   To become a registered member, please fill out our
Consultant Inquiry form (if you are a professional) or our Request Consultant form (for clients
seeking professionals).

To access our search engines, you will be required to establish a user ID and password
which we use to identify you.  You must provide a valid email address so that we can contact
you and/or send your password confirmation.  For a client registration, this address must not
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personal information.

We may collect information about your use of our sites, including which pages you request.  
We also collect standard information available from items your browser automatically sends
to our site (IP address, type of browser, and referring web addresses).  All information
collected  becomes the property of Business Solutions
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confidence.  We will not share or otherwise release your personal information or any
information collected via your interactions with our site to any third party, except under the
following circumstances:

Use of personalization information is intended solely to provide the services you request
from Business Solutions
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welcome confirmations, news releases, billing reminders, promotional emails and technical
information about our web sites.

You may use your personal preferences to limit delivery of such communications, or select
which communications you wish to receive.

Our sites utilize cookies to allow us to personalize your interactions with our site and store
your preferences.  Cookies are small text files placed on your hard drive by a web server, and
contain information that can be read back.  Cookies are not programs, and can not be used
to deliver viruses to your computer.  If you disable cookies in your browser, you may not be
able to access all features and services of our site.

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